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Hangzhou Jingweite Co. Ltd is located in Xiaoshan China,covers an area of about 24500 square meters,is a company which specially produce metal circular saw machine & metal cutting machine,and with Japan,Germany & other Manufacturers technical cooperation!

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Jingweite CNC metal circular saw machine cutting speed 4 to 12 seconds/once,has nine functions,the cut surface roughness of 3.2;Work precision:the spindle blade flange part end to/radial runout of ≦ 0.02,sawing cross section of its verticality ≦ 0.2 / 100;Such as,in diameter 30,NO.45 steel metal materials,choose CNC T-70 metal circular saw machine,calculated cutting time for 7 seconds / once,the cost is 0.02 RMB/piece.

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